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Why Crate Media? 


In a word (Okay, two actually):


Production Value

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Aside from our many years experience, Crate Media maintains a close relationship with the best freelance talent in Toronto. The crews that we work with consist of world class camera operators, grips, lighting technicians, sound persons, special effects, make up and wardrobe, and speciality equipment technicians.


How does this affect you?


By utilizing freelance crew instead of maintaining full time staff, not only are we always able to select the best possible technicians to suit the nature of the productions we are undertaking, but we are able to keep our overheads down substantially. This saving is passed onto our clients.



Crate Media has access to just about every type of film gear imaginable. At ridiculously reduced rates. From Helicopter mounts to 50' camera cranes with remote controlled heads, from motion control equipment to every type of light imaginable. We can get any film equipment that exists to ensure your production needs are met - at a price we can guarentee no other production company can meet.


How does this affect you?


By bringing the most advanced gear available onto your production, you will be assured of visually stunning content that will propel your video from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This at an insubstantial addition to your budget. 



All this being said - if your production needs or budget dictate a small two man crew, we will still accommodate you - and try to sneak in extra production value at no extra cost anyway. That's just because we're nice guys who love what we do!


Lastly, Crate Media's director Bernard van Speyk is known to be able to extract responses from interviewees that not only encapsulate the essence of clients' messages, but that do so in a way that will resonate with the target audience

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